Every 4th and 5th grade student has Math every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday for one hour.  On Tuesdays the students work on problem solving with their homeroom teacher.

Posted below is a list of every Math teacher.  Please contact the appropriate teacher if you have any questions or concerns.  Thank you.

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Math Teachers

Mrs. Doyle   Room D9  extension 4409

Mrs. Garrett      Room C8 extension 4308

Mrs. Hodgers    Room C9      extension 4309

Ms. Jones    Room F9 extension 4609

Mr. Kinder   Room D7 extension 4407

Mrs. Minerva         Room B8  extension 4208

Miss Recame    Room B9  extension 4209

Mrs. Steller       Room F8 extension 4609

Ms. Tempkin    Room D8  extension 4408